Thursday, November 21, 2013

In our art class we were asked to bring in 2 blue objects that we could find in our house. It was surprising how many different  shades of blue there are and all the different kinds of stuff people brought in! Some of the collections did catch my interest, like the perfume bottles! I think the perfume bottles look awesome on print and i just like the look of them drawn in pop art. The inspiration to this project was Portia Munson, we collects all different kinds of junk and random things in a color scheme. Her work is so fun to look at!
There are many people around the world who collect many unusual   things but there also are people who don't even realize they collect stuff. Portia Munson is one of those people who like to collect household items,toys, even trash and sort them by a specific color to make a huge overflowing mountain of eye catching items. I think the reason why she does this is to make people notice the items, so she makes them all the same color so your eye doesn't focus on it. Some people may say her artwork is hoarding but I think there is a huge difference between her art and a big pile of junk somebody just can't throw out. Hoarding is ugly and compulsive, art has reason and meaning to it's items. This is one of Portia Munson's pieces.

Monday, November 4, 2013

The candy jar drawing was  definitely  a lot more fun to draw than the bike drawing but however, the bike drawing was  definitely easier for me. Using all of the different colors and different candies in the jar drawing was so much more entertaining but the detailing of the candy was really difficult. Drawing just with pencils on the bike drawing was sort of dragging and not fun to me but i believe it came out better than the candy jar because it was easier to draw the big proportions  rather than little details.
The process of my bike drawing was a very difficult but fun experience. Drawing the first outline of the bike was the most difficult part because it was hard to take the drawing your looking at and putting it on paper. The shading was most fun because once you add the value it really makes the bike pop and look 3D, how much value affected my drawing really surprised me.
I believe the candy jar drawing was more difficult to draw because the poportions are much smaller and you need much more detail and writing with the candy and such. Drawing the initional jar was sort of difficult but not has hard has drawing all the tiny words on the candys and making the candy look like it's inside the jar. I found the coloring to be the funnest part because it really makes the drawing pop and it looks like all of my candies are dancing inside the jar because of my colors!