Friday, January 24, 2014

Fortune Cookie

I had a lot of fun creating this fortune cookie inspired book page. Right from the beginning I had a good grasp of the idea I wanted to portray. My fortune was "Cultured and artistic people will be invited into your home", I painted 6 different streaks of paint sort of coming together in the middle of the paper, that was to symbolize the people being invited into your home. My work represents the idea that you need to be willing to interact and learn from different and new people to he able to really find yourself. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Art x 3

The experience I had with the Art x 3 was an interesting and frustrating project for me. I didn't really connect with any of drawings I received and sort of had a mental block with ideas to put on my paper. I received a picture with cats on it and it really got me stuck, it took me awhile to make it my own because I had to basically redo everything because I felt like I couldn't do anything with the original. I life lesson maybe is to learn to let go of something that you created or something that's yours. 

Pop Print

The process of creating the pop prints was so fun and creative. I liked how you could be creative and not have to make your print a perfect drawing, you could have fun with it. I chose to reproduce a perfume bottle, I picked this because I thought the word "PINK" on the bottle would look cool on the print because of the font of the letters and the style, it looked bold and popped. Printing in mass was the most fun part because you  could experiment with many different colors and blends and patterns, they all turned out awesome and were sort of a surprise when you lifted up the stamp from the paper.