Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Reflection post

At the beginning of the year I thought Creative Art class was going to be a boring, unimportant class that just took up my extra space in my schedule. But as the class really started I realized this was actual work and you needed to put effort in this class and it actually made it quite the opposite of boring. The work that I am really proud of is my bike drawing, even though I hate drawing and that was probably the most boring assignment ever, I was really impressed with my work in the end. I didn't really think art was particularly my thing and I never thought I ever was going to be good at it, I realized throughout this year that if you really put your mind to it you can really create anything. I am so excited to take all my artwork home and get to look at everything I made. 

Time capsule

The items I put in my box have a strong reflection on myself. My favorite item in my time capsule is a movie theater stub for the movie "Godzilla 3D", I love this because it kinda shows that I'm a really flexible person. I don't really go for movies like that but I'm spontaneous and free living so I just thought I would go see it for the fun of it. Another item I have in my box is a letter to myself which I made humorous and not so serious because that's the type of person I am. I wanted to remind myself when I get older and read this letter that I have and always will be an easy going person. I also love the outside of my box because it represents my favorite project of the year, making your own stamp. All my favorite single paper stamps I made back in the year I glued all over my box, which I thought was cool.